Oid & Blad

Koehne Quartet and Kollegium Kalksburg (Mini-CD)

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the starter pack, comprising five songs: Eventually it´s closing time, but not just in the pub. For everybody somewhat familiar with the poignant Viennese soul it is obvious that in these drinking songs ´closing time´ also represents the end of life. How to cope with this notion permanently troubling one´s mind? Kollegium Kalksburg´s singer and songwriter Wolfgang Vincenz Wizlsperger: “You sit peacefully under a tree and drink quietly.”

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1 Fia d´Eanie – a klans Madl
2 Ois junga Mensch
3 I brauch ka scheene Leich
4 Mei Schutzengerl
5 Oid & Blad


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Ois junga Mensch

Oid & Blad

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